How Whites Took Over America  

On the surface, it appears that this is benign comedy, but you only have to switch “whites” with non-white immigrants to understand how sinister and racist this animation is. The poster, a far-right white supremacist, wants to advance his/her ignorant agenda of “no-mixing of races” through such a means. Portraying “Indians” here only serves the interests of such hateful groups, and has nothing to do with the rightful cause of native Americans, their genocide, usurpation of land, destruction of culture, theft of resources, and dismantlement of their tribes.

As non-white persons, and even white persons who know better, you should feel irate at such whitewashing of European colonialism. Instead of righting and redressing historical wrongs, such individuals and groups only want to further their segregative ideologies, while maintaining the status quo for their own benefit.

Briefly, this is very ignorant and disgusting.

Part 2 of the video is here


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this was such a good episode of orange is the new black

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